• Postpartum Sexuality - October 04

Veronica Kazoleas

Postpartum Sexuality - October 04



The pelvic floor is comprised of the vital muscles that support the uterus, bladder, and large intestine (bowel). Pregnancy and childbirth can compromise this area of the body, resulting in symptoms that range from urinary incontinence to painful sex and challenges achieving orgasm.


Doing Kegel exercises during pregnancy and postpartum can minimize and often eliminate the symptoms associated with a weakened pelvic floor, especially if done using Kegel training devices. Even women who haven’t experienced childbirth related symptoms can benefit from Kegels by becoming more aware of their own unique body composition and internal pressure points, resulting in greater sexual satisfaction.


Join us on Wednesday, October 04 at 10:30 am to learn about:

Signs and symptoms of a compromised pelvic floor

Methods to improve your pelvic floor strength

The health and sexual benefits of Kegel exercises

Body-safe options for Kegel training devices


    The second half of the class will be a relaxed, honest, and non-judgmental talk about postpartum sexuality, full of tips and suggestions on ways to reconnect with your partner.


    About the teacher:

    Veronica Kazoleas, M.A. is an award-winning social psychologist and former healthcare executive. As a dedicated advocate for positive dialogue around female sexuality, Veronica opened The Nookie, a Toronto-based sensuality shop with an emphasis on fostering human connection by empowering people to explore their sexuality.

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