• Poison Ivy X Factor Pasties


Poison Ivy X Factor Pasties



"I am Nature's arm. Her spirit. Her will. Hell, I am Mother Nature, and the time has come for plants to take back the world so rightfully ours! 'cause it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature."
These amazing Poison Ivy nipple pasties are inspired by the badassery of the Batman and Robin villenesse. Green sequins take on a blue shade at certain angles with fishnet mesh as a base. 

Hypoallergenic, latex-free medical grade adhesive. Last for 10-12 hours. Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application. Spice up your cutest outfits, wear under tanks, or even replace a bikini top.

To apply, make sure skin is clean and dry. Carefully peel off backing, apply to skin and smooth. Try not to stretch the fabric. After use, remove gently. Adhesive will hold for up to 12 hours. All Nipztix are handmade with love and therefore unique! Product may vary slightly from image. 

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