Discretion Guarantee

Payment Privacy

Payments on our site are securely processed by your choice of either Paypal or Moneris (Canada's leading processor of debit and credit card payments). 


Order Privacy 

We never share, sell, or redistribute your personal information. Unless you've expressly asked to join our mailing list, we will never contact you unless doing so is necessary to fulfill your order.


Shipping Privacy

The Nookie Packaging SampleAll orders come enclosed in unbranded, basic brown shipping boxes like the one in the image to the left. Our shipping partners are not aware of the package contents.

The name 'The Nookie' will not appear anywhere on the external packaging and package contents will not be listed or displayed anywhere on the outside of the box for domestic orders. Shipments to locations outside of Canada do require a customs declaration that may list the contents of your package in general terms (e.g., personal massager). 

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