• Service 101: From the Bottom or the Top - October 19

Taylor J Mace

Service 101: From the Bottom or the Top - October 19

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Service relationships are complex and often misunderstood. Forget the idea that "service" can only mean a girl in a maid's outfit wielding a feather duster, about to get punished and/or have sex. Service can include sexual, domestic, emotional, and/or work-related tasks, and both the dominant or the submissive may engage in acts of service.

This workshop looks at the various ways service can 'look', as well as going into some of the psychology behind why people enjoy service relationships on either side of the relationship, and how to help ensure you don't burn out as the server.

This workshop is open to all genders, sexualities, and kink/relationship statuses. Disability-friendly, though unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible. Arrive at The Nookie as early as 7:30 to browse products and meet the instructor. The course runs from 8:00 until 10 pm. 


Taylor J Mace is a genderqueer trans guy ("he" or "they") who enjoys enthusiastic & clear consent in and out of the bedroom, inclusive sex ed, and making alternative porn. They are a kinky switch, poly, queer, nerd whose fascination with how the human brain and body work has lead them into the field of sex work and sex education, where they have been working since 2011.

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