• Non-Monogomy 101 - June 06

Samantha Fraser

Non-Monogomy 101 - June 06



Do you want to explore consensual non-monogamy or are you currently in an open relationship and want to hear from and talk to others to get their perspectives? In this interactive workshop, Samantha Fraser goes through the most important and sometimes overlooked aspects of open relationships for both beginners and the experienced.


You'll receive insight into tried and true practices, learn effective ways to honestly communicate what you need and want, tackle issues like jealousy and rules, and leave with new ideas to help you open your heart and body to more than one person.

Topics covered will include:

What is non-monogamy
What about jealousy?
Where to meet people
Coming out
Much much more ...


Feel free to bring questions if you feel comfortable sharing your stories or simply sit back and listen. Monogamous people looking to improve their communication style can also benefit from this workshop.


Arrive at The Nookie as early as 7:30 pm on Tuesday, June 06 to browse the store and meet the instructor. The session runs from 8:00 - 10:00 pm, and the shop will be open for shopping throughout. 


Samantha Fraser is a life coach and happiness consultant, poly advocate, sex educator, producer, and author of Not Your Mother’s Playground: a realistic guide to honest, happy, and healthy, open relationships available now on Etsy, direct from the author, and as an e-book.

She loves discussing taboo subjects openly, with wit and a side of personal experience, as someone who's been successfully non-monogamous for going on ten years. She has spoken at various conferences about non-monogamy and communication, including Momentum (now CatalystCon), Playground, Atlanta Poly Weekend, and PolyCon, where she was the keynote in 2013.

Samantha has appeared on/in CBC DocZone’s Thoroughly Modern Marriage & The Truth About Female Desire, Sirius XM's Todd Shapiro Show, CHCH News, NewsTalk 1010, Toronto Life, SexMatters TV, InnerSPACE, The Globe & Mail, Xtra, National Post, Metro, The Toronto Sun, Filament Magazine, and many other sexuality focused websites / podcasts.

She is the founder and executive producer of Toronto's Playground sexuality conference - returning in February 2018, and the co-founder of the monthly sexy storytelling event Tell Me Something Good. // // @samanthafraser 

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