• Introduction to Sex Toys - July 18

The Nookie

Introduction to Sex Toys - July 18



Modern day sex toys can be worn, washed, app controlled, used alone, shared with partners, plugged in, recharged, travel sized. Some help you orgasm faster. Some help you orgasm slower. And with a little imagination and some determination, most anything can be used most anywhere. This diversity makes the world of sex toys an exciting one to explore. But with so much selection and so little credible education, understanding how to maximize your pleasure can get overwhelming.


Join us at The Nookie on Tuesday, July 18 from 8:00 to 9:30 pm as our founder, social psychologist Veronica Kazoleas, walks you through some of the most common sex toys and their most ahhh inducing uses. This free workshop is suitable for all genders and sexual orientations and both couples and singles are welcome.


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